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Sarah Jane Walsh

A Historian’s Plea

For archivists, genealogists, etc., too. If you’ve ever cursed Thoughtless People Of The Past, you may enjoy this most perfect tweet I saw this morning. Couldn’t possibly express it better myself. Ok, so. On behalf of all historians, in all eras, I have three simple things to ask of you all: 1) keep diaries & …

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10 Tips from the AAO Workshop on Research Methods for Genealogy and Local History

I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Archives Association of Ontario’s (AAO) recent workshop on Research Methods for Genealogy and Local History, held at the Archives of Ontario in Toronto. The full-day workshop was intended to guide information professionals on how to support their users’ genealogical and local history research needs. Working with …

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Michael Wood's Story of England

In Defence of History on TV

Like many people, I love watching history on television. Bring on the Lucy Worsleys, the David Starkeys, the Tony Robinsons, Dan Snows, Michael Woods, Simon Schamas (especially the Simon Schamas), and the Horrible Histories too. The medium does have its downsides, including potentially invoking the stereotypical Famous Historian in the 1975 film Monty Python and the …

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