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The Neo-Manueline (1886-87) facade of Lisbon's Rossio Railway Station at night.

A Visit to Portugal, June-July 2018: Lisbon

In the summer of 2018, I was pleased to have a chance to visit Portugal for the first time. Why Portugal? Fundamentally, I was intrigued with the country’s maritime history, leading to a seafaring empire in the sixteenth century. Beyond that, and the existence of the Portuguese community in Toronto, I didn’t know much. Soccer, …

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Baedeker’s London and Its Environs, 1908

London in an Edwardian Guidebook

Step back in time 110 years. You’re visiting London, England, in 1908, maybe for the first time. You want to know everything. Luckily you have a guidebook with you. Beyond the opening hours of the British Museum and the location of Sir Christopher Wren’s tombstone in St. Paul’s Cathedral, what is your guidebook telling you …

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