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Sarah Jane Walsh

A Historian’s Plea

For archivists, genealogists, etc., too. If you’ve ever cursed Thoughtless People Of The Past, you may enjoy this most perfect tweet I saw this morning. Couldn’t possibly express it better myself. Ok, so. On behalf of all historians, in all eras, I have three simple things to ask of you all: 1) keep diaries & …

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Website's First Birthday

My Website Turns One Year Old

Happy Birthday to sarahjmccabe.com! My very first personal website is one year old today. This project has been a terrific learning experience, both personally and professionally, that I’d recommend to anyone. What have I learned? Among other things: 1) Nothing truly bad happened (other than some spam). For a fairly private person, this website and …

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Pictorial London 1906

Top 5 Images from Pictorial London (1906)

A recent addition to my London books collection is Pictorial London: Views of the Streets, Public Buildings, Parks and Scenery of the Metropolis, published 112 years ago in 1906 by Cassell & Company. It’s a hardcover green cloth-bound monster of a tome, containing 500+ black and white images, and part of a job lot I brilliantly …

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The Neo-Manueline (1886-87) facade of Lisbon's Rossio Railway Station at night.

A Visit to Portugal, June-July 2018: Lisbon

In the summer of 2018, I was pleased to have a chance to visit Portugal for the first time. Why Portugal? Fundamentally, I was intrigued with the country’s maritime history, leading to a seafaring empire in the sixteenth century. Beyond that, and the existence of the Portuguese community in Toronto, I didn’t know much. Soccer, …

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