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Huqqa Reservoir, probably Deccan Sultanates, late 17th-early 18th century, carved from jade, inlaid with gold and set with rubies and emeralds

Aga Khan Museum

It was a pleasure to visit the special exhibition Emperors & Jewels: Treasures of the Indian Courts from The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait at The Aga Khan Museum. The stunning huqqa pipe water reservoir above comes with the following caption. My other favourite of the 90 objects included (jewellery, paintings, many swords and daggers, glassware, etc.) was this gorgeous …

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A selection of images from every open gallery of the ROM today

Royal Ontario Museum

I really love the Royal Ontario Museum. Today I thought I’d try to walk through every open gallery, to reacquaint myself with all the collections on display, and I did (though it took a while, as I kept stopping to look at things – as you’re meant to do!). As ever, I’m inspired. As a …

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Horse hair couch, in the front parlour of the Gibson House Museum ("Please do not sit on me. I am fragile!")

Gibson House Museum

The Gibson House Museum in North York, now one of ten City of Toronto Museums, is one of the first museums to which I was exposed as a child, and still one of my favourites today. Having visited many times informally in recent years (as at Hogmanay in December 2017), I treated myself to a …

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Gibson House Museum, North York

100 Museums Challenge

In the spirit of the New Year, I’m setting myself a challenge. I’m going to attempt to visit 100 museums in 2019. After each visit, I’ll post one photo (at least), referring to one object or experience from my visit, with (probably short) commentary. “Museum” will be very loosely defined, as a place (gallery, exhibit, …

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Sarah Jane Walsh

A Historian’s Plea

For archivists, genealogists, etc., too. If you’ve ever cursed Thoughtless People Of The Past, you may enjoy this most perfect tweet I saw this morning. Couldn’t possibly express it better myself. Ok, so. On behalf of all historians, in all eras, I have three simple things to ask of you all: 1) keep diaries & …

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Website's First Birthday

My Website Turns One Year Old

Happy Birthday to sarahjmccabe.com! My very first personal website is one year old today. This project has been a terrific learning experience, both personally and professionally, that I’d recommend to anyone. What have I learned? Among other things: 1) Nothing truly bad happened (other than some spam). For a fairly private person, this website and …

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